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Creating Win/Win/Win Situations…


Help us empower others (and get paid for doing so)!


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When you hear the incredible, empowering information provided in this HealThy Mouth World Summit, you will feel blessed with the ability to share this with others, just as we have been blessed by the creation of this unique, very solution rich, compilation of information.

Thank you so much for your interest in our affiliate program! We hope you choose to join our team to spread the message that we can empower ourselves with the information necessary to create positive changes in our own oral health.

We find great fulfillment assisting others in creating positive change in their oral health.  By helping us reach more people, you too can find that wonderful ‘feel good’ place within, knowing that you are helping others to create greater health in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

So, let’s get into the details of our program…

What type of launch is this?  The HealThy Mouth World Summit (HMWS) is a free online event from January 13th through 20th, 2013. The HMWS details specific solutions to assist each of us not only in navigating to greater oral health but how oral health impacts our overall health as well!  This summit is a unique opportunity, as never before have these experts been gathered together to offer such a comprehensive body of solutions to assist each of us.

For 7 days, attendees can watch and listen to the expert presentations on our site for FREE.  Each day, 3 expert presentations will be posted on the site for attendee viewing.  Over the course of the week, we will move through all 21 expert presentations.

During the launch week, we will roll out the upgrade package for those attendees who want to be able to access the video presentations over and over.

How do I get compensated?  The HMWS is an affiliate launch structure, so you get paid when folks who came to us through one of your affiliate links choose to upgrade and purchase our take home package.  I want to take a moment and make very clear that while we all require money and income to support our financial lives, this summit is ALL about sharing solutions to help empower others with the information necessary to make wiser choices when it comes to our oral health.  In other words, it’s not about the money for us.  We have found that if we focus on really helping others, on serving others in the ways we are uniquely suited, the money aspect of life takes care of itself.

Our affiliate commission is 50% which means you can make quite a chunk of change by sharing about the summit.  Our friend and mentor who has created a couple programs like this has shared with us that some of his affiliates made upwards of $10,000 promoting his summits.

Is this a tiered affiliate program?  Yes, we have structured the program so if you personally don’t have a large network but know someone who does, you can get compensated for them becoming an affiliate!  If you become an affiliate, share the opportunity with another and they become an affiliate, you will receive 5% of any sales they generate.

Where can I access the tools to share about the summit?  We have created an affiliate portal with all the tools you will need to help you share about the HealThy Mouth World Summit.  In the portal, you will find several types and sizes of banners to suit your needs as well as text ads and email copy to use to reach out to your network about the summit.  We will also occasionally send out emails updating you of how the summit is coming along.

How do I sign up?  You can sign up to be an affiliate by clicking this link.

Upon signing up, you will receive an email from us with how to access the affiliate portal.

How do you suggest I promote the summit?  This is a really excellent question! Let’s lay out what we have found to be an awesome approach to share with your readers about an opportunity like this.

1. Send out 2-3 excited posts about the event early on to make your readers aware of the event and begin building your base of your readers who will sign up to attend the summit through your affiliate id.  Doing this through various tools (email, blog posts, facebook posts, twitter, etc) increases your exposure.

2. Before the summit, perhaps look through our article and video database over at and share about these helpful tutorials.  This provides helpful, free information as well as provides you an opportunity to remind your readers/followers about the upcoming Free summit.

3. Then in the days just prior to the summit, January 10, 11, 12, send out another wave of posts, emails, etc again reminding your readers about the summit.  You will find several sample emails in your affiliate portal to help you generate content to share.

4.  To really take it to the top, make a post or two during the summit about how awesome, empowering and solution oriented the information has been for you.  Your readers/listeners respect your opinion.  If you express that you are benefiting from the summit, they will too!

Do you offer email content for us to use?  Yes, absolutely!  In your affiliate portal, you will find several banners, text ads, as well as several emails to pick and choose from, to help you share the news of the HMWS!

What affiliate software are you using?  We have chosen to use 1shoppingcart for our affiliate program as they allow tiered affiliate programs (which gives you even more potential to make money).

We are committed to donating 10% of any profits the Summit generates.  We are identifying the charitable organizations we plan to give to.  Currently, we plan to donate a substantial portion of the funds we will donate to organizations such as IAOMT who are committed to helping to create safe, clean drinking water.  We must care for the water more wisely than we have been.   If you would like to take part in this, we invite you to participate in this 10% giving back fund as well!  We will email you about this after the summit for us to discuss in more detail.

Here’s the link to sign up as an affiliate.

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Holler with any questions!  We’re here to help.

Thank you and Aloha!

Will and Susan


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