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Day 1 (January 13)

Mark Breiner

Dr Mark Breiner

Author of Whole Body Dentistry

“Creating Positive Changes in Your Health Through Dentistry”

From the person who literally wrote the book on addressing the whole body in dentistry, Dr Breiner kicks off the HealThy Mouth World Summit with an awesome overview of many dental issues that we will dive into throughout the summit. Questions like how to determine what filling material is safe for me and methods for finding hidden problem areas in the mouth are discussed.

Ramiel Nagel

Ramiel Nagel

Author of Cure Tooth Decay
“The Role of Food in Healing Tooth Decay”

From the author of the now famous book, Cure Tooth Decay, we have Rami Nagel sharing all sorts of nutritional gems with us. Some questions discussed include.. What are the 2 foods to include in your diet if you want to slash your risk of tooth decay by 40%? How to balance nutrients crucial for oral health with diet? Why supplements are not the answer? What to eat AND what NOT to eat to heal tooth decay?

Dr. Blanche Grube

Dr Blanche Grube

owner of Centers for Healing and BioComp Labs
“Dentistry in the 21st Century: Non-Toxic Treatment of the Whole Person”

Dr Blanche Grube gives us a touching understanding of how dentistry can really help facilitate greater whole being health. Dr Blanche eloquently addresses subjects ranging from the proper protocol to remove mercury fillings to methods to determine the relative safety of various dental filling materials for our personal immune system. Dr Blanche’s presentation stands in sharp contrast to what many of us think of when we think of going to the dentist.

Day 2 (January 14)

Dr. David Kennedy

Dr David Kennedy

Author of How to Save Your Teeth and creator of Smoking Teeth
“The Truth about Fluoride”

Dr David Kennedy finally puts to rest this often misunderstood subject of the safety and benefit of fluoride. Separating the science from the hype and quoting sources throughout the interview, Dr Kennedy expertly details why we should avoid fluoride. Questions discussed include: What fluoride does to the body, what are the major points of exposure to fluoride, and who is most at risk. The passion Dr Kennedy shares in this very engaging interview is very moving! WARNING: Watching this presentation may drastically increase the amount of truth in your awareness! 🙂

Sara Pope

Sarah Pope

The Healthy Home Economist
“Practical, Real World Advice for Using Diet to Heal Cavities in Children and Adults”

Sarah Pope delivers a passionate expose of her experience healing tooth decay both in her own mouth and in the mouths of her children. Sarah shares how bad the decay was, what she did to create positive change, and the results. An excellent ‘in the trenches’ account of how one mom successfully healed tooth decay in her and her family’s mouths! Sarah shares details of what foods they increased as well as what foods they decreased in their family diet as well as strategies to get nutrient dense foods into even picky young eaters! Literally full of real time solutions for any family looking to create positive changes in the younger mouths in the house. The final result will inspire us all!

Dr. Bruce Fife

Dr Bruce Fife

Author of Oil Pulling Therapy, Eat Fat, Look Thin, among others
“Benefits of Oil Pulling for Greater Oral Health and Whole Being Wellness”

Dr Bruce Fife, the man who ‘wrote the book’ on oil pulling, shares with us how this simple practice can create profound change in our oral health.
Dr Bruce breaks down the science of oil pulling and cites several published studies proving the benefits that oil pulling offers. Questions discussed include: How to oil pull? Who would benefit? What can oil pulling help? As well as inspiring success stories of people not only improving their oral health but also restoring greater whole body health as well!

Day 3 (January 15)

Dr. Robert Gammal

Dr Robert Gammal

creator of the movies Rooted! and Quecksilber – the Strange Story of Dental Amalgam
“Dangers of Root Canals, Solutions if you Have One, and How to Avoid Root Canals Altogether!”

In his presentation, Dr Robert Gammal systematically and patiently explains the problems and issues surrounding this controversial subject. He clearly breaks down how conventional root canals fail on all points of their proposed objectives and how root canals are a major causal breeding grounds to whole body illness, including cancer. He compassionately explains solutions to root canal therapy and goes into extensive detail how to avoid ever needing a root canal in the first place! His presentation is sure to be a favorite in the Summit!

Dr. Sherrill Sellman

Dr. Sherrill Sellman

author of What Women Must Know, Hormone Heresy, and What Women Must Know to Protect Their Daughters from Breast Cancer
“Hormones and Oral Health – What you must know…”

Dr Sherrill Sellman, a world recognized expert in the field of women’s hormonal health, addresses how the changing hormone levels through a woman’s life create or impair her experience of optimal immune function. There’s plenty of information for the Gents here too! Questions Dr Sellman expertly addresses include: How can we support our immune function during common challenge times like during pregnancy when gum disease regularly makes serious advances in a woman’s mouth? What modern tests are available to really provide us a much greater grasp of how to create greater overall health? The importance of minerals to optimize our oral health and much more!

Victor Zeines

Dr Victor Zeines

author of Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body, Your Tongue Never Lies and Living a Longer Life
“A Healthy Mouth Equals a Healthy Body and Your Tongue Never Lies”

Dr Zeines shares his ‘no nonsense’ expert view on the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy mouth in order to create optimal whole body health. Dr Zeines also teaches us a very empowering feedback tool to discover more of what’s really going on in our bodies… the traditional Chinese medical practice of tongue diagnosis. Anyone looking to gain more insight into knowing moire about our internal health simply by knowing what to look for in the mirror will definitely want to attend this educational interview! A very empowering discussion for sure!

Day 4 (January 16)

Dr. David Getoff

Dr. David Getoff

board certified nutritionist and traditional naturopath
“The Role of Detoxification in Creating Greater Oral (and Whole Being) Health”

In his humorous and no nonsense style, Dr Getoff navigates through why detoxing is such a crucial and often misunderstood part of any wellness protocol. Dr Getoff also addresses how to know when your detox is working as well as the very real dangers of detoxing too quickly. Dr Getoff systematically explains why mercury and fluoride are dangerous to humans. He also goes into substantial detail about how to begin the journey of detoxing mercury from the body, among other toxins in the system. David also openly shares with listeners several products he regularly uses in his practice. Loaded with helpful information!

Dr. David Kennedy

Dr David Kennedy

author of How to Save Your Teeth and creator of the movie Smoking Teeth
“Fluoride Solutions – Tips and Techniques to Live a Fluoride Free Life, including How to Raise Cavity Free Kids!”

Dr Kennedy is back with his insightful, cynical, humorous, straight forward, study quoting style! This time, Dr Kennedy shifts his focus to solutions we can all apply to avoid exposing ourselves and our families to fluoride. Topics that will surely be appreciated include: How to raise cavity free kids, how to handle children’s dental fluoride treatments, what beverages to avoid to lower your exposure, how diet can protect us and even how to water your garden so your plants won’t uptake the fluoride from municipal water!!! Loaded with many gems of wisdom. WARNING: Be careful drinking or eating during this presentation at the risk of spontaneous bursts of laughter 🙂

Katie Spears

Katie, the Wellness Mama

“My Experience with Supporting Oral Health from the Inside Out”

Katie, the Wellness Mama shares her story and rocky dental beginnings with us in this insightful, fact filled interview of her personal journey to optimal oral health. If you want specific foods to support greater oral health and why, be sure to listen closely as Wellness Mama schools even the well read. Surely to be a favorite among parents looking to understand how to feed a family to optimally support their oral and whole being health and development. Katie goes into specific strategies she applies to help bring peace to the family dinner table, why she makes her own tooth powder. Wellness Mama definitely has her facts straight and shares it with us in this engaging, educational interview.

Day 5 (January 17)

Akira Sato

Akira Sato

dentist at the Yayama holistic clinic in Japan
“Man Can Be Cured”

In his delightful, happy style, Dr Sato shares with us a crucial ‘organic’ feedback tool each of us can learn to apply in our own lives to help determine if something is healthy for us or not. Dr Sato details several foundational aspects of what the experts at Yayama Clinic apply to ‘cure the incurable’ in their healing center. He shares with viewers the 5 causes of imbalance in the body and how each of us can create positive change in our own lives. His heartfelt compassion and clear presence speak very loudly. Translated from Japanese.

Pam Killeen

Pam Killeen

author of Addiction: the Hidden Epidemic, independent nutritional counselor
“The Role of Copper and Adrenal Function in Supporting Oral Health”

Nutritional expert Pam Killeen goes deep into the nutritional aspects of what causes imbalance in the body which shows up as tooth decay and gum disease. With her clear ability to articulate the complex world of mineral balance, Pam explains how disease is not only caused by a lack of nutrition but also by an over accumulation of toxic materials in the body as well! Drawing from her experience coaching clients to greater health, Pam shares how the role of adrenal function plays an integral part in whether we experience a life of disease or vitality. Loaded with gems!

Dr. Ray Behm

Dr Ray Behm

owner of Natural Dentistry
“Confessions of a Biological Dentist”

In his humorous style, Dr Behm shares with us gems from his over 40 years in dentistry. Dr Ray explains the fundamental principles which cause a breakdown in oral health along with what each of can do in our own lives to navigate to greater oral health. Dr Behm also discusses what he has personally seen as his personal journey with dentistry and how he found is own version of a toxin free practice. Definitely an informative, insightful expose of one dentist offering back wisdom from decades of experience.

Day 6 (January 18)

Dr. Paul Rubin

Dr Paul Rubin

Cofounder of New Directions Dentistry – a group who educates dentists how to be mercury safe
“Is Your Dentist Mercury Safe?”

Dr Paul Rubin offers us an excellent interview focused on the protocols of how to safely remove mercury fillings. Dr Rubin draws from his decades of experience as a mercury safe dentist to explain to us exactly what actions must be taken by a dentist during the removal of an amalgam filling to minimize the exposure to mercury. He goes on to go explain the difference between mercury free dentistry and mercury safe dentistry. This presentation is a must for anyone who is planning to have mercury fillings removed. Dr Rubin discusses questions to ask your dentist to determine if they are mercury safe.

Dr. Cate Shanahan

Dr Cate Shanahan

author of Deep Nutrition and Food Rules
“Walking on Both Sides – How to Eat to Support Greater Oral Health & What Each of Us Can Do in the Mouth to Create Positive Change”

Have you ever dreamed of having a medical doctor patiently explain to you exactly why you should be eating healthy food (not just the food pyramid)? You are in for a treat to hear Dr Cate expertly school us on exactly why certain foods cause a breakdown in our health and immunity and what foods we can eat to navigate back to greater oral and whole being health. Drawing from her background in biochemistry and medicine, Dr Cate offers several gems from which even the veteran real foodie will gain insight. Dr Cate also shares with us her science based argument against flossing!

Dr. Mike Godfrey

Dr Mike Godfrey

semi retired medical doctor
“Doctors Are Not Taught to Look at Teeth – the connection between cancer, particularly breast cancer and oral health”

Dr Mike Godfrey offers us a no nonsense, detailed interview sharing the connection between cancer, particularly breast cancer, and oral health. Dr Godfrey draws from his over 40 years of clinical experience to explain to us how 97% of breast cancers have an oral implication! If it’s true that the information we grasp impacts the decisions we make, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to grasp the significance of oral health in the cause of breast cancer. Questions Dr Godfrey addresses include: What impact do oral metals play in cancer? What can folks who are less than ideal health do? and What other tools are available to more effectively screen for breast cancer than mammography?

Day 7 (January 19)

Dr. Julian Holmes

Dr Julian Holmes

author of Ozone: Revolution in Dentistry
“The Use of Ozone in Dentistry”

In his witty, British accent, world renowned expert, Dr Julian Holmes shows us how dentistry can change from doing dentistry like we lived in the 1800s to what he calls minimally invasive or micro dentistry. Dr Holmes shares with us how the use of ozone in dentistry completely revolutionizes the need for drill, fill and bill dentistry. Topics addressed include: REmineralizing filling materials!, the use of ozonated oils to address problem areas, and how we need to change our thinking around dentistry in order for the field to change. Very inspiring information!

Gray Graham

Gray Graham

author of Pottenger’s Prophecy
“Price, Pottenger and Epigenetics… This is Good News!”

Gray Graham delivers a fun, empowering explanation how each of us can dramatically shift our genetic expression. Drawing from his decades of experience supporting others in navigating to greater health and vitality, Gray brings together the work of Weston Price and Francis Pottenger to explain to us how the diet and lifestyle changes we make today impact not only our health, but the health of our grandchildren! Gray shares little known facts about Pottenger’s famous studies with cats. This is definitely good news!!!

Dr. Hal Huggins

Dr Hal Huggins

Yoda of biological dentistry, author of several books on the subject
“A view from above – What dentistry can look like in the future”

Dr Hal Huggins bats last in the HealThy Mouth World Summit! Get ready to see through the eyes of a person who helps coach people how to heal themselves from auto immune diseases including multiple sclerosis, lupus, parkinson’s and arthritis. In this awesome interview, Dr Huggins helps us see through his eyes what dentistry can look like and how the dental profession can be a fundamental component in creating optimal health. Dissecting the customary separation of medical professions, some of the questions Dr Huggins addresses are: Tools currently available to drastically increase the healing benefits of removing mercury fillings, why the order in which a dentist addresses oral health is crucial, the fundamental role of testing blood chemistry to determine our ‘Ancestral Diet’ and so much more. Dr Huggins also shares with us the MOST important factor to create positive change in our oral health!! Be sure to come be inspired by Yoda of biological dentistry!


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